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Cube to Sphere (Need help) : Update

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Hey gamedevers, I am currently trying to map a cube to sphere by the method described on unfortunately my maths is kind of dodgy at best and when it is saying using a unit cube from -1 to 1, is it possible to go from say -m_patchSize to m_patchSize or 0 to m_patchSize, i don't quite understand it, m_patchSize is the size of the side of a cube i am drawing. Or do i have to do it from -1 to 1 and scale it later on in the equation? Thanks for any help guys. PS. Sorry here is the code i am using. With this equation X seems to get some correct values, but Y and Z all i get is -1.#INF
Vector3 FractalMesh::SpherizePoint(Vector3 point)
	//Maths refernced from

	float x = point.getX();
	float y = point.getY();
	float z = point.getZ();
	float xPrime, yPrime, zPrime;
	float xp, yp, zp, added;
	float yzp, zxp, xyp;

	//cout << "In X: "  << x << " Y: " << y << " Z: " << z << endl;

	//Mapping the point to a sphere
	//Getting the altered X Y and Z co-ordinates

	xp = (x * x) / 2;
	yp= (y * y) / 2;
	zp = (z * z) / 2;

	yzp = ((y * y) * (z * z)) / 3;
	zxp = ((z * z) * (x * x)) / 3;
	xyp = ((x * x) * (y * y)) / 3;

	xPrime = x * (sqrt(1 - (yp - zp + yzp)));

	yPrime = y * (sqrt(1 - (zp - xp + zxp)));

	zPrime = z * (sqrt( 1 - (xp - yp + xyp)));


	return point;

UPDATE: Now i have the values working now so that it is a plane, but the offset to make it bluge out into a sphere is now my problem, i have tried passing in a radius from -1 to 1, but it doesn't quite work , it gives me a diagonal curve...sort of... [Edited by - Deftoned on August 17, 2008 2:25:15 AM]

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how I do it is actually very simple, and I did it very quickly once i worked it out. First you need a tesslated cube. Mine is made of 6 vertex grids. How the grids get into cube form does not really matter, although I would reccommend using a numerically accurate method.

Once you have the grid the point on the sphere can be computed in several ways. My algorithm works like this:

For Each Grid
For Each Point On the Grid
Compute The Vector from the Center of the Cube to the Point
normalize the vector into a variable (say norm for example)
set the spherical vertex position to be vpos = norm * sphere_radius;
next point
next grid

this method works fine for me ... in fact I don't even multiply by the sphere radius and
instead use the World Transform Matrix to set the scale when rendering. Hope this helps.

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