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Shader compiler bug? (DX10)

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Hi, I have a geometry shader (DirectX 10 SDK, June 2008), like the following:

struct VSOutput
    float4 pos:              SV_POSITION;

int normalMapUVChannel;  // From 0 to 7

void GS(triangle VSOutput input[3], inout TriangleStream<GSOutput> OutputStream)
    float DeltaU1 = input[2].UV[normalMapUVChannel].x - input[1].UV[normalMapUVChannel].x;


The shader compiler report the following errors: error X8000: D3D10 Internal Compiler Error: Invalid Bytecode: Overlapping input index range decl encountered. Opcode #28 (count is 1-based). error X8000: D3D10 Internal Compiler Error: Invalid Bytecode: Can't continue validation - aborting. The error is generated by the first line. Note if I make the index constant, the error disappear:
float DeltaU1 = input[2].UV[0].x - input[1].UV[0].x;
but in this way I need to replicate the shader 8 times (that moreover it's already replicated for other reasons), that's quite a problem. Someone know a workaround to this? Thanks in advance. - AGPX

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Ok man,

I have received an e-mail from Microsoft's man. He wrote: "Barring any unforeseen circumstances, this issue should get fixed in the November release. In the meantime, a workaround is to make the vertex indices dynamic as well as the interior index (ie, vert[someindex].tex[otherindex])."

That is, instead of:

float DeltaU1 = input[2].UV[normalMapUVChannel].x - input[1].UV[normalMapUVChannel].x;

you have to write:

uint baseindex = 0; float DeltaU1 = input[baseindex + 2].UV[normalMapUVChannel].x - input[baseindex + 1].UV[normalMapUVChannel].x;

...and this works!

Ok, I've learned the lesson: next time, instead of try to simplify the expression, I will try to make it more complex!

I hope this post can help somebody else.

Bye for now,


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