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Alright, so I've developed a game using SDL that I want to port to the iPhone and make available in the app store I don't have a solid name for it yet and the following needs doing before the game itself is ready to be ported: 1) Implement a basic bitmap font instead of the present font I have. 2) Beautify the buy menu. (accessed by pressing space or enter right now) 3) Add a splash loading screen (probably won't actually be seen much, but on the iPhone it might) and intro menu. 4) Additional polish and testing. I was the sole programmer/graphic artist of this project, full credits are listed in the buy menu at the top middle. This uses my own 2d game engine layered on SDL. Now, that all being said I'm going to link you guys to the current progress of it. password to download is m2tm in lower case I've heard that SDL is in late stages of being ported to the iPhone which is great news for me because this project uses SDL fairly heavily. So I'm sitting here with a nearly complete decently polished game that I want to be able to offer through the itunes app store at some point in the next month ideally. I'm getting my hands on a copy of osx and xtools, and I've been developing in as cross-platform friendly a manner as possible. I'll need to adjust positioning, but the game code is fairly flexible on that aspect and position, aspect ratio and other similar changes shouldn't take more than a day max. Does anybody else have experience with this? I'm not sure how well recieved this game would be on PC, but if I added multiplayer and an online scoreboard what do you guys think its chances of making Steam would be? Also, does anybody have experience dealing with Steam? It is just a basic casual game, but I think it has potential in the handheld market at least. My desired price point would be 4.99 but I haven't gotten that far yet even. ANY feedback appreciated.

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