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Bigger terrain through vertex syntesizing ?

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Hi guys, I am wokring on a terrain and I'd like to make a huge one. The problem I have is that it either costs too much memory, is not big enough or has to be streamed which also is quite a burden (not to mention makeing jumps cost time to reload the new data). So I considered using the heightmap only as rough approximation and create all the missing information on the fly with perlin noise. I thought that if I use a 1024x1024 terrain, and create 8 additional vertices for height and width each for every real vertex, I could increase it to 8192x8192. Or maybe by seeing the original heightmap as a really rough draft increasing it to 64 additional vertices and therefore a 65536x65536 map. The problem I see with this approach is that I cannot use a basemap anymore because it would just be too far stretched (I think) and would therefore have to blend all necessary textures for all triangles on the fly. I think this might decrease the performance because I cannot simply use a basemap for all the distant triangles but have to use blending there too but on the other hand I could gain some flexibility and much bigger terrains. Streaming (if necessary) would also be faster because I would no longer need a basemap (which can be problematic at seams). But on the other hand the controllable detail would be low because I cannot set each vertex individually but only influence the every Xth vertex because the rest is created on the fly. Although I think by using some predefined noise textures with certain characteristics I can get around that problem somewhat... What do you think ? Is this a good way to tackle this problem or am I completely off track ? Are there any established methods to handle this that I am not aware of ? Thanks for any replies... ^_^ [Edited by - Zaph-0 on August 19, 2008 2:52:41 AM]

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