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GLSL error's - How to fix

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Vertex Shader : shaders/car_shader.vert Output from shader : Vertex shader was successfully compiled to run on hardware. Fragment Shader : shaders/car_shader.frag Output from shader : Fragment shader failed to compile with the following errors : Compiler error: Sampler array indexes must be integral constant expressions Output from shader Fragment shader(s) were not successfully compiled before glLi nkProgram() was called. Link failed.

// --- car_shader.frag
// --- This is the main frag shader for car objects
// --- We will later add texture spatting and use it for terrain

// --- Preprocessor Defines


uniform sampler2DShadow Directional_Light;
uniform sampler2DShadow Point_Lights[ MAX_POINT_LIGHTS ];

[Edited by - stringa on August 18, 2008 2:50:32 PM]

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Change this
uniform sampler2DShadow Point_Lights[ MAX_POINT_LIGHTS ];

uniform sampler2DShadow Point_Lights[7];

and download Rendermonkey to test/debug your code its fast and easy to use.

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