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Erik Rufelt

Vista-style buttons

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Hi, When creating buttons with CreateWindow, or when simply displaying a "Save?" dialog with the MessageBox function, my buttons still look like the plain old Windows. Even on Vista and XP where the buttons should have a new theme look. How can I make them look shinier? =) I'm using C++ and Win32, compiling with VS 2008, defining the Windows version for the Windows headers to 0x0600. Including commctrl.h I can also create buttons with the new styles like BS_SPLITBUTTON, however they don't show up like they should when my application is run. Do I need to create these in some other way than using the normal WC_BUTTON class to CreateWindow? Also for the MessageBox function I'd like the buttons to look correct no matter what theme or Windows version the user is using. Left is how it looks for me, right is how I want it to look: Thanks, /Erik

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