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Game State Changes and Child Window Destruction

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I've got two questions, both of which I are pretty basic, but I feel they are important to get right in order to design a good program. So here goes. Game State Changes Right now I have a main game state stack which I push new game states onto, and then I pop the top game state (which is the active game state) when the user clicks a "back" button. This allows me to very easily change the game state to a new state when a certain menu button is pushed, or to go back to a previous game state (for example, going from an in-game state back to the main-menu state by selecting "quit"). While I have a working method, I don't like it a whole lot. I would like to design a new system by using a new class GameStateListener which a class can derive from that would easily allow a game state to tell its listener(s) that the game state needs to change (and what to change to). However, there is a problem with this method, which I describe below. How can I overcome this problem?
// the back button was selected, so tell the game state listener to pop this game state in order to go back to the previous game state
void GameState::BackButtonSelected()
    // m_gameStateListener is a game state listener, which in my case would
    // also be a class containing the main game state stack, and thus contains
    // whatever game state the "this" pointer points to
    // calling changeGameState() tells the listener to change the game state to
    // something new
    // changeGameState() accepts an enum which tells what the new game state
    // is, which in this case is GAME_STATE_BACK, whic basically tells the game
    // state listener to pop the top game state in order to go back a game state
    // the problem though is that whatever game state calls m_gameStateListener->changeGameState(GAME_STATE_BACK)
    // is also the active game state, so if the game state listener pops the
    // active game state, it deletes this game state before this function has returned
    // how do I fix this problem???
Destroying a Child Window In my simple game engine, I can create a window and a child window by doing the following:
int main()
    // create a new root
    engine::Root* root = new engine::Root();
    // tell the root to create the main render window
    // note that engine::RenderWindowCreationParameters isn't an actual type name, but I use it just to show you that I pass in some creation parameters
    engine::RenderWindow* mainWindow = root->createRenderWindow(engine::RenderWindowCreationParameters);
    // tell the main render window to create a child render window
    engine::RenderWindow* childWindow = mainWindow->createChildRenderWindow(engine::RenderWindowCreationParameters);
    // game junk goes here
    // childWindow is no longer needed, so we destroy it
    // more game junk here
    // clean up
    delete root;
I don't like that though because calling childWindow->destroy() destroys the window, and then sends a message to the parent window saying that the child was destroyed, so then the parent window deletes the child window. Would it be better to have childWindow->destroy() destroy the window and not send a message to the parent window to delete childWindow, but then have another function to tell a window to delete a child (i.e. create a method such that I can do mainWindow->deleteChildRenderWindow(childWindow), which physically deletes childWindow, but calling childWindow->destroy() destroys the window but doesn't delete childWindow)? I think I like this a lot more, but thought I'd see what everyone here thought about it.

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