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IsoHex engine design problem

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First of all, KUDOS to TAANSTAFL for his awesome book! Just picked it up this week and it''s helped me a LOT with Iso theory... Right now I''m designing/implementing a 2d game engine that can be used in both OpenGL and Direct3D8. I''ve run into a snag in my design and I''m wondering if anyone has any advice... I had a real semi-epiphany yesterday about what I want to do with my engine, and just need a bit of guidance on implementation. My goal is to have a "I2DGameEngine" class which is an interface for a 2d game (like Gauntlet, CivII, or mario bros.) I also want to have 3 classes (to start with) derived from this interface: -2DIsoGameEngine -2DHexGameEngine -2DPlatformGameEngine Which has accompanying "materials"..ie. the view of the map corresponds to the engine type (ie. a 2DIsoGameEngine view is defaulted to an isometric "civII" view)..etc The mouse cursors will change depending on the engine type, same with the tiles, etc.. Now I guess I''m trying to find a way to grab a pointer to EVERYTHING. What I mean by that is so far I have ONE factory class for each type of object (ie. a TileFactory class to make either Iso, Hex or Platform Tiles), etc. BUT what I WANT to do is that once the programmer instantiates a 2DIsoGameEngine class, then the system automatically knows which accomanying material to generate! ie. with every call to "createTile" the system will automatically create a IsoTile.. Now a design I came up with last night, basically turns the "2DIsoGameEngine" object into a "god" factory class. So when you want to create a new tile you go through this object. Bad idea, I know, but there must be an easier way!!! Suggestions?? (do you guys understand what I''m trying to do?? Did I explain it clearly enough??) Basically I''m in effect hoping to create a small 2d "sdk" for game developers...NEATO! Wazoo

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