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D3D(X) projection

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Is there way to use different FOV projections (mean lefthanded and righthanded) without changing normals in D3D7? I mean following: I create D3D7 device using ID3DXContext interface. As it is said in help, it sets lefthanded projection with FOV angle of PI/2. But I need to use righthanded projection, and then I change projection of device to righthanded, also I change culling to opposite. The problem is that lighting doesnt work with new projection and old normals. It means, that if I change vertex normals to opposite, everything is fine, but leaving old normals causes no diffuse and specular lighting at all. Same thing occures, if I leave lefthanded projection, but change view matrix to 1 0 0 0. Although, if I try the same with world 0 1 0 0 0 0-1 0 0 0 0 1 matrix, I dont need to change normals and everything works fine. Thanks for reading this long post!

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I barely understand the math behind projections, so I can''t really help you there. Direct3DX 8 (notice the X) has left and right-handed projection helper functions, so I suggest that you upgrade your SDK to version 8 and use those.

Note that D3DX is separate from D3D, so you can still use D3D7. The functions I''m referring to merely generate the matrices.

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