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In place mode in max

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I got my biped+mesh loading .bip files ok but I'd like for the model animation to remain at 0,0,0 instead of the guy moving around. I read up the tutorial about In Place Mode in max but thats only for viewing it does not change the positions of the model in the world. The tutorial says: " To actually change the animation so the biped really stays in the same space, create a dummy object and link the COM to the dummy. Then keyframe the dummy so that the biped stays in the same place as the animation progresses. To see an example of this, open the file in_place_dummy_final.max." First, the in_place_dummy_final.max file doesn't exist and second I've tried linking the COM to a dummy object but the biped still moves around the world. I'm just not sure how to actually keyframe the dummy object. (I do know how to set it but I dont know where to add the keyframes). Anyone know if its the right way of doing it?

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