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[HLSL] Send a varying number of lights to the shader

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Original post by n3Xus
send an array of lights to the shader and an int that stores the number of lights so i than loop through them. would this be ok?
That is definitely one way of doing it. Another way is to "pre-bake" combinations of lights via techniques. You can use a uniform variable to avoid the dynamic looping and simply switch techniques according to the number of lights you want to use.


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The way I have been doing it is like so:

#define MAX_LIGHTS 4

uniform extern int gNumActiveLights : LIGHTNUMACTIVE <string Source = "Scene";>;

uniform extern float3 gLightPosArray[MAX_LIGHTS] : LIGHTPOSARRAY <string Source = "Scene";>;
uniform extern float4 gLightAmbientArray[MAX_LIGHTS] : LIGHTAMBIENTARRAY <string Source = "Scene";>;
uniform extern float4 gLightDiffuseArray[MAX_LIGHTS] : LIGHTDIFFUSEARRAY <string Source = "Scene";>;
uniform extern float4 gLightSpecularArray[MAX_LIGHTS] : LIGHTSPECULARARRAY <string Source = "Scene";>;
uniform extern float3 gLightAttenuationArray[MAX_LIGHTS] : LIGHTATTENUATIONARRAY <string Source = "Scene";>;

I do it with separate arrays because I couldn't find a way to set an array of structures (light structs) from the app with the effect interface, using handles.

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