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Data File in VB

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In VB, strings are limited to 64k. Is there a way to increase this (Like in Qbasic u could ad the /AH extenstion at the command line)? But actually, this still wont help much. What I need to do is load a file into a string or string-like structure. The only way I know to do this is like this (and it is SLOW) Dim Chunk as String Dim Inp Integer Open "Blahblah.DAT" for binary as #1 Size=LOF(1) For A=1 to Size Get #1,A,Inp Chunk=Chunk + CHR$(Inp) Next A : Close #1 But isnt there a way to (something like) Dim Chunk as DataFile Chunk = LoadFile ("BlahBlah.DAT") And if I can, can I retrieve a part of this data file into a string like X=Mid$(Chunk,1,512)? Thanks...

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