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Drawing Pixels causes illegal operation in windows?!

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Hi, I sat back and pondered at this code. I wrote it myself and it seemed to work absolutely brilliently and then when I got back into Windows it spat out an ugly "This Program has Performed an Illegal Operation" message at me - and I didn''t like it one bit Anyway - here''s the source... HRESULT Draw_Random_Pixels(LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE7 lpddsurface, RECT rectofpixels, bool entiresurface, int startcolor, int endcolor) { UCHAR palindex; int x; int y; DDRAW_INIT_STRUCT(g_ddsd) g_ddsd.dwSize = sizeof(g_ddsd); g_ddsd.dwFlags = DDSD_PITCH; lpddsurface->Lock(NULL,&g_ddsd,DDLOCK_SURFACEMEMORYPTR | DDLOCK_WAIT, NULL); UCHAR *pixbuffer = (UCHAR *)g_ddsd.lpSurface; if(entiresurface == TRUE) { x = rand()%WINDOW_WIDTH; y = rand()%WINDOW_HEIGHT; } else { x = rand()%(rectofpixels.left - rectofpixels.right); y = rand()%( - rectofpixels.bottom); } if((startcolor == 0) && (endcolor == 0)) { palindex = rand()%256; } else { palindex = startcolor + rand()%endcolor; } pixbuffer[x+y*g_ddsd.lPitch] = palindex; lpddsurface->Unlock(NULL); return g_ddrval; } Remember this plots only 8 bit pixels to the screen... it works completely fine except when I went to debug the computer had a hard time swollowing this line: pixbuffer[x+y*g_ddsd.lPitch] = palindex; Why that one - I don''t know... Why windows does an illegal operation as well - I don''t know! Any help? Thanks, Destroyer

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I''m guessing you have this problem when entiresurface is FALSE?

x = rand()%(rectofpixels.left - rectofpixels.right);
y = rand()%( - rectofpixels.bottom);

Both x and y will be negative. You are accessing your array out of bounds. (This is probably the cause of most "Illegal Operations". Be sure to check your array indices!)

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Well thanks for telling me that - oops
How it worked in the first place in beyond my comprehension

But it's still performing an illegal operation! Here's the main thing that's been bugging me though - it's this...

pixbuffer[x+y*g_ddsd.lPitch] = palindex;

Whenever I go to debug it says it has an acess violation with this line! But WHY!?
When I also went to debug it showed this...
CXX0030: Error: expression cannot be evaluated on that one line shown above !?!

Any other ideas ?



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