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Linux Compilers and dev software?

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gcc and emacs. Yes, they are free and come with almost all Linux distros.

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Gcc is so good(professional quality!) that almost no one else is making c and c++ compilers for linux. Highly recommended, also comes with ports to most major architectures. It also comes with extensions ot expland the languages to, off the top of my head, fortran, java, etc. It runs from the command-line, so if you want an ide, check out www.kdevelop.org for one.

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If you are using KDE for your window manager, try KDevelop. It is a free Visual C++ like IDE for the K Desktop Manager. If that is not your style and you are only looking for C++ support, Code Forge has a free C++ Edition. Code Forge is a very powerful commercial level IDE that supports a great deal of languages ( in the full version that is ).

If text mode is your thing, emacs and command line gcc/g++. Emacs has built in simple C and C++ checking and is very easy to use. Also, you may want to look into automake and autoconf. These tools help greatly when you are ready to package your software out and distribute. Check out the links below. Good Luck.




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jed (try this if you don''t like emacs (read non-x-emacs))
cooledit (neat X editor, has syntax checking and all that which''d expect)
anjuta (a complete c++ ide, shows promise. not sure how far development has gotten, but it''s fully usable)

and when everything else fails; vi(m)

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