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****DirectDraw/Direct3D DRIVER DISABLING ERROR****:

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This is a software&hardware mixed render. and mainly used software rendering. only when software is hard to do,then switch to hardware. render.pRenderFrameBuffer->Lock(); renderPrim(prim); render.pRenderFrameBuffer->UnLock(); renderPrim(PRIM* prim) { switch(prim->primTage ){ case softwareprim: //direct render into render frame buffer; break; case hardwareprim: render.pRenderFrameBuffer->UnLock(); render.pd3dDevice->BegineScene(); render.pd3dDevice->DrawPrimitive(); render.pd3dDevice->EndScene(); render.pRenderFrameBuffer->Lock(); break; } } as you see,i keep render buffer keep locked,because i want reduce the times of locked.and i create the pRenderFrameBuffer in video buffer.When press key"Ctrl+Alt+Del",then switch my application,then i found Direct3D7: (INFO) rofile:DrawPrimitive(Device7):TRIANGLESTRIP:D3DTLVERTEX Direct3D7: (INFO) rofile:DrawPrimitive(Device7):TRIANGLELIST:D3DTLVERTEX Direct3D8: (ERROR) :Driver failed Lock request: -2005532222 Direct3D8: (ERROR) :InternalLock failed. Direct3D8: (ERROR) :****DirectDraw/Direct3D DRIVER DISABLING ERROR****: First call to DdQueryDirectDrawObject failed! I found i can''t use render.pDD->RestoreAllSurfaces(); because DirectDraw/Direct3D DRIVER DISABLING ERROR how to solve this problem?

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