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where to find source code

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Hi, I''m practicing my c++ and wondering where some good places are to get source code. I want to see how others do it, especially the experts. That should help speed up the learning process. Thanks to anyone who can help...

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If you want to see how the experts do it, I suggest you check out the Guru of the Week site. This site contains many tips on C++ programming in the form of questions and answers that have been posted on the comp.lang.c++.moderated newsgroup. From this material, two books have been published, _Exceptional C++_ and _More Exceptional C++_, both by Herb Sutter. These books are very highly recommended.

Another good source is C/C++ Users Journal Website, or more specifically the C++ Experts Forum of that site.

The C++ FAQ Lite (see sig) is also a source, as are the comp.lang.c++ and comp.std.c++ newsgroups.

The above mentioned material can be somewhat advanced if you''re just starting with C++. In that case, I recommend a good book, such as _C++ Primer_ 3rd edition by Stanley Lippman.

If you want to know about the C++ Standard Library, there''s only one good book: _The C++ Standard Library Tutorial and Reference_ by Nicolai Josuttis.


Some useful C++ links:
Free multiplatform ANSI C++ Standard Library implementation
Visual C++ STL fixes
Visual C++ 6.0 noncompliance issues
C++ FAQ Lite

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just search for anything you want to have code on ...
open source (there isn''t to much closed software in there...trust me ) software at it''s best

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