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calculating fps and integer -> string conversion (in c)

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hi, How do i convert an integer to a string in c ? Also, i''ve just written a small app that plots a few pixels. Anyone know how to calculate fps ? I''m trying something with GetTickCount() but I dont know how to access the fps variable in win32. thanx

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you could use aoti()
or sprintf, which will also work for floats etc...
and I think it would be sprintf("%d", myint)

to answer the second question:

//On Init


//In the render loop

m_fFrameRate_Hz = CalcFrameRate(*liStart_us, &m_fElapsed_sec);

sprintf(szRate, "FPS: %.3f", m_fFrameRate_Hz);
SetWindowText(hWndFrameRateTextBox, szRate);

float CGameEngine::CalcFrameRate(LARGE_INTEGER liNow_us, float* pfElapsed_sec)
//Original framerate calculation had really crappy twiddle

//framerate = 1000.0f / (float)elapsed;

const float e = 2.718281828f;

//0.25Hz filter, time in ms, so /1000.0

static float filter = (float)pow(e, -2.0f * 0.5);

//guess at initial framerate, so it doesn't lag so bad on init

static float fFrameRate_fps = 33.3f;

//float fElapsed_ms = (liNow_us.QuadPart - liTimeSnap_us.QuadPart) / 1000.0f; //convert us to ms

float fElapsed_sec = float(liNow_us.QuadPart - m_liTimeSnap_us.QuadPart) / float(m_liFreq.QuadPart);

m_liTimeSnap_us = liNow_us;

float factor = (float)pow(filter, fElapsed_sec);
float ifactor = 1.0f - factor;

//if the elasped time is 0, it took less than 5us to render the frame!

fFrameRate_fps = 200000.0f;
//filter, *1000.0f to convert ms to sec (again)

fFrameRate_fps = fFrameRate_fps * factor + ifactor / fElapsed_sec;

*pfElapsed_sec = fElapsed_sec;


Magmai Kai Holmlor
- The disgruntled & disillusioned

Edited by - Magmai Kai Holmlor on June 9, 2001 9:09:44 PM

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