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OpenGL Help with OpenGL

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I just got interested in OpenGL, I have the Dev-C++ compiler, I can''t seem to figure out how to include the OpenGL library files. I looked and the linker is pointing to the right folder so I don''t know why it doesn''t work, if anyone knows please help. Also I have the Borland 5.02 compiler, would this compiler be sufficient for compiling OpenGL programs or is not very good? I will probably be getting away from Dev-C++ now because it is too buggy in my opinion. Well please respond.

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DevC++ isn''t buggy, as it''s an IDE. It''s compiler works fine also. The part that IS buggy are some of the headers that come with it. The known bugs are tiny, and easily fixed.

I think (in DevC++) you add these to the linker options to link with the OpenGL libraries: -lGL -lGLU. It''s been a while, so I can''t remember off the top of my head. Also, you should add "#define CDS_FULLSCREEN 4" to winuser.h, if you haven''t already (that''s one of the most often encountered bugs in its headers).

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Im using MSVC and to include the OpenGL library files you go:

Project-> Project Settings-> Link

then in the "Object/Library Modules"-textbox you add:
"opengl32.lib glaux.lib glu32.lib"

the lib files need to bee in your standard lib-directory
e.g. "C:\Program\DevStudio\vc\lib"
or else you must specify where.

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