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Direct Audio: Playing more than one sound file at once

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Hi Just started learning direct audio, and i can''t seem to work out how to play more than one sound at once. Can anyone help? Thanks all rath

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If you are using PlaySegmentEx to play your sound segments you can pass the DMUS_SEGF_NOINVALIDATE flag that will prevent it from killing any current segments.

soundsegments[index], // Segment to play.
NULL, // Used for songs; not implemented.
NULL, // For transitions.
DMUS_SEGF_NOINVALIDATE, // Do not kill any current segments
0, // Start time; 0 is immediate.
NULL, // Pointer that receives segment state.
NULL, // Object to stop.
NULL // Audiopath, if not default.

hope this helps


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Thanks for the reply.

I tried it but it didn''t help, the sound cut out when the second one started.

Should I be using two seperate audio paths? Or just the default one?



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Ooops forgot something. The sound segment that you do not want to stop should also have the DMUS_SEGF_SECONDARY flag set. I had some special things going on there I forgot about.

I think if you use this for all of your sounds you will be ok:

performance->PlaySegmentEx( segments[index], NULL, NULL, DMUS_SEGF_NOINVALIDATE | DMUS_SEGF_SECONDARY, 0, NULL, NULL, NULL );

They should play on the same audio path fine.

I posted my sound encapsulation class source in this message but the HTML parser ate the file reading section and everything after it for lunch so I took it out... lol if you still have problems give me your email and I will send it to you.


Edited by - krippy2k on June 10, 2001 1:23:01 AM

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