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software rendering questions.

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1. Last year I saw this DirectX 6.0 software rendering demo. It had really cool way of rendering shadows. They looked similar to the shadow maps that q3radian''s BSP thingy makes when you FULLVIS, except they were realtime (and a little less detailed). They were kinda pixely, but they were completely hardware independant (could be rendered by any graphics card). I was wondering if these kind of shadows would be possible in Power Render. 2. Is it possible to use software rendering in this version of PowerRender? I''m making a little utility and I want it to be extremely compatible with any computer with a SVGA card. I don''t even know if DX8 has D3D software rendering (RAMP I think its called, right?). If you could fill me in, that would be great thanks. -Rich

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Yes it is possible with PR. You can draw directly on the lightmap textures and use a ray cast technique to check if there is anything between the light and the position on the wall at each lightmap pixel.

Software rendering will not be supported by Power Render any more. Using the reference or ramp driver of DX8 is too slow and not worth using.


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