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How To Make a Game Menu? OpenGL

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I have made a lot of 3d games/demos so far in OpenGL. My one question is how do I make a game menu for the games. If anybody has any place I could look where there is code for a game menu, or if you know how to do it, I would greatly appriciate it.

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I don''t have any code handy, but here''s how I did it (btw, it''s a little Object Oriented):

- the menu is just like your main loop, you scan for input, update logic, and draw, in a loop.

- have a CMenu class, which has a list of CMenuItems, each of which has position, graphics, and a pointer to a function to perform or menu to go to when clicked.

- have a CMenuManager class, which stores a list of menus, as well as a pointer to the current one. The list is so you don''t get any stray pointers, and so you can delete them all when you''re done.

In your game loop (pseudocode):

// check current menu: curr_menu->get_input()
// current menu checks mouse position, keyboard input, to see
// what button is being hovered over or atually clicked.
// If a button is clicked, you call the items[0]->whenclickedon() function
// or check the TargetMenu field to see if this button points to
// a new menu. If it points to a new menu, change the current_menu pointer

// draw background
// call curr_menu->Draw()
// CMenu::draw() loops through all the buttons. If the button
// state ( hover == true ) then draw the hover frame not the normal frame
// draw mouse pointer over the top

Well, hopefully that confused you a little more than you already are!



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