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Query for people making 3d Engines

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What method/program are you using to create levels for your applications? Are you reading BSP files, parsing .map files into your own format, or have you made a custom level editor. Why did you decide to do it the way you did? I'm in the process of working out the details of generating levels myself and I'm curious as to what other people are doing. -Nate Edited by - Zimans on June 10, 2001 5:54:34 PM

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If your team decides to make a game that _will_ be published (at least that''s what we think :o) you''ll have to create your own Leveleditor otherwise it''s just another Q3A Clone.. Also you can add new stuff without being limited by the map format.. (We got a completly diffrent rendering method to.. (It allows to render everything without having to compile.. (well there''s something to compile, but it takes something like a minute or too on a P3 450 for an average map.. so..) Another point was that we''re to programmers in the team and it''s easier that everybody works on his own program. then you just have to have the same map format.. (and that''s hard enough :o).. Also it''s seems to me like the Engine is following the Leveleditor.. So you first add something new (for the map) in the Leveleditor and then it''s implemented similar in the Engine..

but I know a lot of people just parse the .map format or read .bsp files... for sure a good way if you''re just making an Engine for fun.


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