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Bidirectional SDL_net TCP

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Hi everyone! This is my first post here. I'm currently making small game/project which atm is just two sprites in a tile map. One sprite is controlled by the local player, and the other by a remote player. So the idea basically is: - Send local player's coordinates - Receive remote player's coordinates Pretty much your run of the mill newbie first attempt network game =) Atm, client sending data to server works fine, but as soon as I try to send something back, the game freezes. I guess it's because both server and client is stuck waiting for data with SDLNet_TCP_Recv(). What are my options here? Someone game me a tip having a thread receiveing data, so I tried a bit with SDL threads, but I had problems since SDL threads (threads in general?) and classes don't go well togehter. All my networking methods are in a class, so I need the thread to be a class member. Are there any other ways to get around this, or is the thread idea the only one? Thank you in advance. - Daniel

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