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Blitting the sprite to the the screen... ugh - HELP!

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I''m trying to make a class that''s a 2d sprite that can be blitted on to the screen using Direct Draw''s blt function... Here''s the Declaration of the class...
class Sprite


	int x;		// x pos

	int y;		// y pos

	int xv;		// x velocity

	int yv;		// y velocity

	int width;	//width

	int height;	//height

	//Function Declarations

	Sprite(int xx, int yy, int wwidth, int hheight, int mode); // mode - set to DDSCAPS_VIDEOMEMORY or DDSCAPS_SYSTEMMEMORY

	Sprite& Sprite::operator=(Sprite spritecopy);
    HRESULT Load_Sprite_Bitmap(char* bmpName);          
	//HRESULT Draw_Scaled_Sprite(Sprite sprite, int swidth, int sheight,LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE7 dest);

	HRESULT Load_Frame_Sprite(int cx, int cy);                   // cx,cy are absolute coords

	HRESULT Animate_Sprite();
	HRESULT Move_Sprite();
	HRESULT Load_Animation_Sprite(int anim_index, int num_frames, int *sequence);
	//HRESULT Set_Anim_Speed_Sprite(Sprite sprite,int speed);

	HRESULT Set_Animation_Sprite(int anim_index);
	//HRESULT Hide_Sprite(Sprite sprite);

	//HRESULT Show_Sprite(Sprite sprite);

	//bool Collision_Sprites(Sprite sprite1, Sprite sprite2);


    int curr_frame;     // current animation frame

    int num_frames;     // total number of animation frames

    int curr_animation; // index of current animation

    int anim_counter;   // used to time animation transitions

    int anim_index;     // animation element index

    int anim_count_max; // number of cycles before animation

    int *animations[NUM_SPRITE_FRAMES]; // animation sequences

	DDBLTFX s_ddbltfx;
	DDCOLORKEY color_key;
	RECT images[NUM_SPRITE_FRAMES];	//hold the blit info (the frames)

Now here are the two functions that are very simple but don''t seem to work... Assuming that the lpddssprite surface has a bitmap already loaded to it I use these two member functions.
	s_ddbltfx.dwSize = sizeof(DDBLTFX);
	s_ddbltfx.ddckSrcColorkey = color_key;

	RECT destrect;

	destrect.left = x;
	destrect.top = y;
	destrect.right = width + x;
	destrect.bottom = height + y;

	dest->Blt(&(images[curr_frame]),lpddssprite, &destrect, (DDBLT_KEYSRC | DDBLT_WAIT), &s_ddbltfx);

    return g_ddrval;

HRESULT Sprite::Load_Frame_Sprite(int cx, int cy)
	cx = cx * (width + 1) + 1; 
	cy = cy * (height + 1) + 1;

	RECT temprect;
	temprect.top = cy;
	temprect.left = cx;
	temprect.bottom = cy + height; // - 1 ?

	temprect.right = cx + width; // - 1 ?

	images[curr_frame] = temprect;
	return g_ddrval;
First I would load the frame then call Draw_Sprite... It has no compile errors - no windows errors... It just doesn''t show anything... I wouldn''t really care if it even showed up garble... but no - it had to show NOTHING!!! Any ideas, Thanks, Destroyer

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Guest Anonymous Poster
I don''t know very much DirectX (nor English so excuse me)
Try to put some breakpoints to see if u have correctly loaded the sprite.
If it''s good, perhaps you''re sprite is not TOTALLY in the screen.
_________ _________ __________
| | _ | __ | |_ |
| | |_| | |__| | |__| |
|_____ | |________| |_________|
The screen The sprite The sprite The sprite doesn''t
appear on appear on the
the screen screen

or perhaps u don''t have correctly initialised you''re curr_frame or you''re destRect

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Guest Anonymous Poster
oups !!!
the littles schemes aren''t in the good order, try to understand if u can...
I try to do them again
| |
| |
|________| the screen
|_| the sprite
| _ |
| |_| |
|________| here, it works
| |
|_| |
|________| here the sprite doesn''t appear (in DD7)

that''s all folk !


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Guest Anonymous Poster
problems with spaces !!!



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Try setting the colourkey when you''re creating the DirectDraw
surface, using:

ddck.dwColorSpaceHighValue = colourkey;
ddck.dwColorSpaceLowValue = colourkey;

Then in DrawSprite, just specify KEYSRC and don''t bother with the ddbltfx. colourkey depends on your video mode of course.

I''d also recommend putting together a string lookup table for directdraw errors, then using the FAILED macro to check for them and print a string.

Hope that helps

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