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ok ever since i started coding DirectX, the program would always crap out when i enabled my second monitor. Yesterday, i downloaded the b version of dx8, and kablammo! multi-monitor works in my game and in all of the sdk samples. My victory was short lived. The problem was that DirectX decided that it was going to get lazy, and stop outputting to the second monitor working after an hour of work. I ran my program (second monitor enabled). Closed it. Opened it again. What''s that?? DirectX would rather masturbate than output to my second monitor ??!?! Thinking that is was just my app, I tried the SDK samples, and the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME !!!!

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I may be way off but I believe DX renders to the primary display device first...by default.

What are you trying to render to the second monitor?


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1. Is this windowed mode ? - if so, there are complications depending on which focus window is passed to DirectX, ie. make sure its on the correct adapter!!! - think of how the default window start position moves each time you open a new window.
If the window straddles two monitors, even by a pixel, you can get complications (check the width of those windows carefully).

Some of these can still be applicable in fullscreen mode - make sure your window is the right size and on the right monitor!!!

2. If an app has stopped running properly (due to bugs etc), assume that DX/the card is in a shafted state and make sure to re-boot before testing any other apps - if your app did something naughty which killed the card, then you quit the app and tried a sample app, theres a chance the sample would malfunction too.

3. What setup is this, is it a single card with two display outputs (A Matrox DualHead or nVidia TwinView) or an AGP for display 1 and a PCI for display 2 ?. Is the PCI a primary (TNT, G200 etc) or a secondary (Voodoo2). Dual output cards behave slightly differently to a PCI + an AGP. Running a Voodoo2 with the passthru removed can cause all sorts of nightmarish fun.

4. Which version of Windows is this, if its 95, upgrade (95 isn''t meant to support multimon, but you can end up with new DLLs which semi-expose the ability, sometimes found in DX and Iexplore installations) and if its 98, watch out for early versions - make sure you get the service packs and IExplore upgrades.

Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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neither windowed or fullscreen work. My program doesn't work, and the SDK samples dont work.

its in the primary monitor. i have windows 2000. The ONLY way to get it to work is to disable the second monitor.

when it was working, windowed and fullscreen worked. SDK samples worked and my program worked.

it started working after i re-installed windows. I hadn't changed any of my code. Then a few hours after i installed, it stopped working. I didn't change any of my code either. I was just modelling and testing to see what the models look like in the app.

I can reboot, turn the computer on and off, anything and it wont work.

I dont have anything in the second monitor, not even notepad and it doesn't work.

Edited by - Psionic on June 11, 2001 4:19:30 PM

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