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image doesnt load.

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hello guys. i am been following lazy foo's tutorials at SDL on C++ there is a problem, lesson number 7 and 8 doesnt load the image, i did the debug, and the image doesnt load at

SDL_Surface *load_image( std::string filename ) 
    //The image that's loaded
    SDL_Surface* loadedImage = NULL;
    //The optimized surface that will be used
    SDL_Surface* optimizedImage = NULL;
    //Load the image
    loadedImage = IMG_Load( filename.c_str() );
    //If the image loaded
    if( loadedImage != NULL )
        //Create an optimized surface
        optimizedImage = SDL_DisplayFormat( loadedImage );
        //Free the old surface
        SDL_FreeSurface( loadedImage );
        //If the surface was optimized
        if( optimizedImage != NULL )
            //Color key surface
            SDL_SetColorKey( optimizedImage, SDL_SRCCOLORKEY, SDL_MapRGB( optimizedImage->format, 0, 0xFF, 0xFF ) );
    //Return the optimized surface
    return optimizedImage;

i have everything right on link, dll's and stuff, but i dont know why it doesnt load :S is there something that i am not watching?

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did you debug it ?

do you know where it's not working ?

try ouputing the error with SDL_GetError() to see what isn't working.

hope that helps !

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If IMG_Load returns NULL, use IMG_GetError to get a human readable string describing the problem. The usual suspects are:

1) File doesn't exist or has a different name (check on filesystem)
2) File exists, but path is incorrect (try using an absolute path)
3) File has wrong format (E.G. without libpng.dll PNG files will not load)

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