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HLSL Diffuse Lighting Factor

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Hi everyone, I have these two methods in an fx file that both diffuse the light depending on the normal, light position and light direction. They have both been stolen from various microsoft samples, could anyone please tell me which one is the best one, or if they are both the same or if you have a better way of doing it (bearing in mind I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible). I understand what the first one is doing but I don't have a clue about the second;
float Diffuse1(float3 Pos3D, float3 Normal) {   float3 LightDir = normalize(LightPos - Pos3D);   return dot(LightDir, Normal); } float3 Diffuse2(float3 Normal, float4 pos3D) {   float CosTheta;   float3 LightDir = normalize(LightPos - Pos3D);   // N.L Clamped   CosTheta = max(0.0f, dot(Normal,;   // propogate scalar result to vector   return (CosTheta); }
thanks, Andy

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