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Roleplay forum, or possible game story idea...

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Hello, today I got an idea to start a Role Play forum. I'm not sure if this is exactly the right place to post this, but what I need help with is the plot/setting, so I thought this would be the best place... I'm not really an RPer, and if I did make an RP forum, I probably wouldn't role play it... I just enjoy making up settings/small plots(or whatever it'd be called). for furture reference, if I put (suggestion) next to something, that means I'm asking for suggestions on that part. But I'll accept, and want, suggestions for the whole thing. Thanks for reading! :) Setting: WorldIt'd be set in a diffrent place. The planet is called Cryterra (If anyone knows the latin/greek/somekoollanguage word for Steam or vapor, please tell me, or if you have suggestions for the name, please post them). Cryoterra is a Steam-punk/Magic kind of society. There are hundreds upon hundreds of 'Mining Towns'. There are so many, they aren't given real names, just codes. The mines are for a special crystal called Solgen([n]suggestion[/n]). Solgen is used by 'Solgen Weilders'(suggestion) who use the crystals to preform "magical" task, or things that wouldn't be possible with the normal laws of physics. The planet is mainly controled by Mega-corporations. The military, most towns, land, etc.. are all pretty much owned by one Corporation or another. Town Most of the Role Play, at least in the beginning, will take place in Mining Town Waru-072149. It is located in what is known as the Great Canyon(suggestion), a large concentration of Solgen. It is owned by the Ookver(suggestion) Corporation. The Ookver Corporation is currently the largest and most powerful Corporation, but is currently in a turf war with another large corporation, the Ouad(suggestion Corporation, for mines in the Great Canyon. The battles are getting closer and closer by the day. And the people of Mining Town Waru-072149 are afraid the battles may soon reach them. To top their fear, the Ookver Corporation is hard-pressing all Mining Towns to increase Solgen production, and have sent a platoon of Soldiers to Mining Town waru-072149 to make sure the miners aren't slacking off. ___________________________ That's all I have right now, if it sounds interesting to you guys, I might continue it and actually create the forum. Please give me suggestions. Thank you for reading, again :)

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