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OpenGL layered windows opengl mess-up (XP)

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When I put an layered (for example transparent) window under my window which displays OpenGl and the layered window redraws itself it corrupts my content. grrrr! This happens with all layered windows every time and it's very annoying especially because in my case windows have to be dragged underneath my window as a part of a normal usage scenario! The result of this is terrible flickering even when using and 300 fps redrawing rate. When using 1 fps, the "bad" image remains on my window until the next frame drawing. It seems that when a layered window redraws it dumps some image onto the frontbuffer overwriting it's contents. The image is not of the window itself but an image that existed on that part of a screen some time before (as if the layered window reads the content of the frontbuffer at some point and every time it redraws it dumps that image onto the screen not bothering to check if the contents was changed). This happens all the time with ALL layered windows on XP. Switching to or from double buffering, using aux buffers doesn't help at all, so I concluded that the corruption happens at the front buffer. Is there anything I can do, for example locking the frontbuffer or using some different kind of rendering? Thanks, Hrvoje [Edited by - hdagelic on September 17, 2008 7:15:38 AM]

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