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OpenGL DevIL & DDS Cube Maps

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Hi I'm working with DevIL and OpenGL/DirectX. In the OpenGL implementation, I want to load a cube map texture stored in a DDS format 32 bit per pixel with 8 bit ARGB. In the DevIL DirectX library it has

for loading cube maps - equivilent to D3DXCreateCubeTextureFromFile. In OpenGL, I'm using
//FileName for 2D (standard) texture.
	char* fileName1 = (char*)CgEffect.mappedTextures[0]->fileName;

	int texture = ilutGLLoadImage(fileName1);				
// Send texture to GPU
	cgGLSetupSampler(tmpParam, texture);

// FileName for Cubemap Tuexture.
	char* fileName2 = (char*)CgEffect.mappedTextures[1]->fileName;
	int texture2 = ilutGLLoadImage(fileName2);				
//Send CubeMap to GPU
	cgGLSetupSampler(envParam, texture2);

Im sending the Textures to a CGFX effect which looks fine in NVIDIA FX Composer but when I run my code it appears as if the cube map is completley black (the 2D Texture works fine).

% Default + Textured + Bump Effect.

keywords: material classic

date: 02/09/2008


float4x4 WorldViewProj : WorldViewProjection;
float4x4 matWorld : World;
float4 viewPos : CAMERAPOSITION;
float4 lightPos0 = float4(0.0f,10.0f,0.0f,1.0f);
float4 ambient = float4(0.8f,0.8f,0.8f,1.0f);
float shinyness = 0.9f;
float pTime : TIME;

texture diffuse_texture : DIFFUSE
	string ResourceName = "default.dds";
	string UIName = "Diffuse Texture";
	string ResourceType = "2d";

sampler2D diffuse_sampler = sampler_state
	Texture = <diffuse_texture>;
	generateMipMap = true;
	MagFilter = Linear;
	MinFilter = Linear;

	AddressU = WRAP;
	AddressV = WRAP;	

textureCUBE reflection_texture : ENVIRONMENT
	string ResourceName = "environment.dds";
	string UIName = "Reflection Texture";
	string ResourceType = "Cube";

samplerCUBE environment_sampler = sampler_state
	Texture = <reflection_texture>;
	generateMipMap = true;
	MagFilter = Linear;
	MinFilter = Linear;

	AddressU = Clamp;
	AddressV = Clamp;	

struct vs_Input
	float4 pos  	: POSITION;
	float4 Diffuse	: COLOR0;
	float4 norm		: NORMAL;
	float4 tex0		: TEXCOORD0;

struct vs_Output
	float4 pos  		: POSITION;
	float4 pos1 		: TEXCOORD0;
	float4 Diffuse		: TEXCOORD1;
	float4 norm			: TEXCOORD2;
	float4 tex0			: TEXCOORD3;
	float3 reflection	: TEXCOORD4;

vs_Output mainVS(vs_Input pIn) 
	vs_Output pOut;
	pOut.pos = mul(WorldViewProj,pIn.pos);
	//pOut.pos.y += sin(pTime);
	pOut.pos1 = pOut.pos;
	pOut.norm = normalize(pIn.norm);
	pOut.tex0 = pIn.tex0;
	pOut.tex0.y += pTime / 1000;
	float4 woldSpaceNormal = normalize(mul(matWorld,pOut.norm));
	//get a vector toward the camera y
	float4 posWorld = normalize(mul(matWorld,pIn.pos));
	float4 Incident = normalize(posWorld - viewPos);
	//Reflection vector for cubemap: R = 1 - 2*N * (I.N)
	pOut.reflection.xyz = reflect(Incident.xyz,woldSpaceNormal.xyz);

	return pOut;

float4 mainPS(vs_Output pIn) : COLOR 
	float4 L = normalize(lightPos0 - pIn.pos1);
	float NdotL = dot(pIn.norm,L);
	float4 reflection = float4(texCUBE(environment_sampler,pIn.reflection).xyz,1.0f);
	return (reflection * shinyness )+ (ambient + float4(max(0.0f,NdotL))) * tex2D(diffuse_sampler,pIn.tex0.xy);

technique technique0 
	pass p0 
		VertexProgram = compile vp40 mainVS();
		DepthTestEnable = true;
		DepthMask = true;
		CullFaceEnable = false;
		BlendEnable = true;
		DepthFunc = LEqual;
		FragmentProgram = compile fp40 mainPS();

Is there any way to load a cube map in DevIL? Any help would be appreciated.

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The last time I tried I couldn't make it work.
I implemented a dds loader myself and the good news is that it is really easy.

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