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Nowhere Else and Beyond Engine V3.0

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Hello, Nowhere Else and Beyond (NEaB) is proud to announce a new release an update of its 2d RPG engine. New features include: -Ability to see others on the 2d map -Ability to chat with others on the 2d map -A new full-screen option which has had significant speed enhancements -The ability to join and leave battles with other players against all monsters on the map All of this is still programmed in PHP/SQL/javascript and should work on all browsers without the need for a download/plug-in. This upgrade is FREE to engine owners and is included in in the MiniNEaB package. To see these features "in operation" feel free to visit and test on our game at: which can now be played WITHOUT the need for traditional registration. Any questions, feel free to ask here (and I will respond) or ask in our guest chat found: Thanks for your time, Croesy (Admin)

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