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OpenGL Rendering to Multiple Displays

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I have a multiple display system (4, 800x600 projectors driven by two dual-head nVidia 8800s). I'm using OpenGL and the WGL functions to create four rendering contexts (one per projector) under WinXP with desktop extended across the four displays. My problem is that I am having difficulty relating the physical layout of the projectors in the real world to the virtual layout within WinXP. The order that I turn on the projectors seems to dictate when WinXP recognizes them and assigns their virtual position on the desktop. For example, let's say four projectors (A,B,C, and D) are physically laid out from left to right as ABCD. WinXP might virtually lay these out as ADBC or it may, by chance, lay them out as ABCD. The latter is what I want, but I sometimes get the former, depending on the sequence of turning on the projectors. Is there a way through OpenGL (or the WGL) functions to directly address a particular graphics card and a particular head? In other words, do I have to rely on the WinXP desktop coordinates, which vary with the projector-on sequence? Would it be possible to NOT extend the desktop across the graphics cards and just address the graphics cards directly? --Dave [Edited by - page3d on September 17, 2008 12:21:19 PM]

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