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Terrain Ground Cursor Problem - solved

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Hi, I am working on a terrain editor that allows the mouse to move a cursor on the terrian through ray intersection. I have the ray intersection working perfectly but need the cursor to be rendered on the terrain. (In C++, DirectX, HLSL) I found a project in c# here : This does what I want to do, the code for rendering the cursor in the shader is as so : float4 cursorColour = tex2D(GroundCursorSampler, (texCoord * (cursorScale / groundCursorSize)) - (groundCursorPosition.xz * (cursorScale / groundCursorSize)) + 0.5f); This code is in the pixel shader (HLSL) and the resulting cursorColour is added to the final pixel colour. However I am having trouble understanding how this is meant to work. I have tried putting this into my shader, but the cursor isn't drawn in the right place, to the right scale, or sometimes drawn at all. If anyone has any ideas, or can explain how the above code works so that mabe I can see what might be going wrong that would be great. Thanks! EDIT : The above code for the shader works, I was just forgetting to convert the texture position to between 0 and 1, and also needed to invert the z position. [Edited by - p0is0n on September 18, 2008 6:39:02 AM]

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