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[java] Auto Number?

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I am writing a Java application that uses JDBC to work with a database - The idea is that the app should be able to access any database engine (for instance MySQL). Therefore I don''t wanna use stored procedures, but then a problem arises - What about Counter / AutoNumber type of fileds: I insert a row into the db, the db engine will give it a unique number - How do I get this number back without using a stored procedure - Is there any good way, or shall I skip using the "Counter" functionallity of the database and do the numbering myself? any input appreciated, Jens

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The standard way of providing primary Ids is to create them yourself, rather than allow the dB to do it.

The easiest way to do it is the following:

ID = day + month + hour + second + minute + randRange(0,100) + randRange(0,100);

(althought thats some strange pseudo code, and it reality, yoiu can place them in any order you like..or randomize the order? for extra security.)

But it will provide you with a 99.9999999...etc percent sure way of generating a unique ID (hasn''t failed me yet)

The added benefit is that you know the ID when you create the item, so you can use it as you see fit elsewhere.


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This method failed me immediatly, but that happened when I generated a bunch of ids very quickly.

Any ideas on how to fix that (adding milliseconds to the equation didn''t help).


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If the database you''re using supports sequences (I''ve only used Oracle, and I don''t know if this is a regular relational database feature or Oracle-specific), you can do this:

// Assuming Statement stmt, and a sequence in the

// database named myseq

ResultSet rs;
rs = stmt.executeQuery ("select myseq.nextval from dual");
int id = rs.getInt(1);
// rs.close etc.

Obviously you would have to sprinkle the requisite try/catch-statements in there as well.


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