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How to transform 2d texture to one face of a cube map?

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Hi I'm a programmer, so my knowledge of image editing is a bit ehrm... limited. I need to create a noise cube map with the same face on all sides. I know how to create a noise texture, but how do I make it distort so the pattern appear uniform when doing a cube map lockup (in the game)? In other words, the thing I want to do -Is to take a regular texture and distort it so it's suitable to place in one face of a cube map. Thanks [Edited by - 51mon on September 18, 2008 5:47:19 AM]

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Interesting question. I've done some texture art, but I never did a cube map before, so I was curious and tried to look it up. Cannot find a tutorial for doing the warping anywhere. x_X Closes I found is this:

This shows the relationship between each square face and the corresponding segment of the sphere. Theoretically, unwrapping the sphere should give you 6 identical non-square shapes: taking one of these, filling it with noise, and stretching it into a square should give you a suitably-distorted face for a cubemap.

Some other interesting images:

Reichard gnomonic cubic map layouts (this is apparently a standard, and you might be able to look up some math for it somewhere).

COBE Quadrilaterized Spherical Cube

non-COBE Quadrilaterized Spherical Cube

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