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I''m sure they will just get rid of the least used OpenGL forums.
This one is better than ''glVelosity'' but we might have to worry about the ''DirectX, OpenGL, and Other APIs '' forum. Of course that will probably get broken up. . . and they will need somewhere to put the OpenGL fragments. . . I''m sure that will be here. If not, I''m sure that if we all complain to the staff they will keep it.

Maybe the GameDev.Net staff will be sneaky and just make a link to the forum at I doubt that, though.

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Really! How can they get rid of this forum?!? So many people visit so often, and it offers support for NeHe! This is one of the (if not THE) most active forum on this site! At least as far as I have seen. Take a look at a forum like the AI forum (id=9) and see how often people post there! What makes them think this forum needs to be trimmed off? If anything, drop others and keep this one. We could protest by creating a seperate forum for NeHe outside of the system. Then there would still be a NeHe forum. If we told people about it, people would use it instead of the generic gl forum I have been hearing of. All we would need is to post the forum, and find us some moderators. But first we would need to learn the certain fate of this forum. Really though, what are they thinking? I like things just the way they are!!!

Alex Broadwin
A-Tronic Software & Design
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Looks like there is some major misunderstanding here, so let me clear things up.

For a long time, people have been asking that we split the DirectX/OpenGL forum, which I''m going to do. That raises a problem, though, in that we''ll have two forums covering basically the same thing. I talked about this with Jeff, and we came up with 3 options:

  1. Make the NeHe forum the OpenGL forum. Advantage: All OpenGL discussion will be in one place. Disadvantage: Feedback on the NeHe site and tutorials will get lost in the mix.
  2. Keep this forum the way it is, and add the new OpenGL forum anyway. Advantage: This forum retains its identity, and feedback on the site stays in the right place. Disadvantage: Scattered OpenGL discussion, leading to repeated questions, etc.
  3. Keep this forum as the NeHe feedback forum, but share an OpenGL forum between the sites. Jeff would encourage people to only post questions specific to his site or tutorials here, and general OpenGL questions would go in the other forum. Advantage: Almost all OpenGL discussion will be confined to one place, while people wanting to give feedback or ask questions about the NeHe tutorials will still have a place to do so with no risk of their questions getting lost in the mix. Disadvantage: People will still put their posts in the wrong place, although it shouldn''t be THAT bad.

Jeff and I both like the 3rd option the best, though we''re open to suggestions. Btw, glVelocity really doesn''t figure into the mix. Forums for hosted sites are exactly that; they aren''t part of the GDNet structure - they operate entirely independently. The only reason NeHe''s forum is affected by this organization is that it is extremely popular, and we don''t think it benefits the community much to have two large OpenGL forums in the same place.

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