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ASP and Java Script

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If ASP and JS code are included on the same page, which gets executed first? My feeling is that ASP is probably server-side, so it gets computed first, then the client-side JS. So, it should be possible for my game site to compute all sorts of information server-side, store it in some variables which get passed to java script, and then have the JS execute client-side, yes? So let's say I have a variable: var x That depends on some crazy calculations server-side with ASP. Syntactically, how would I store the resultant answer in the var x javascript integer? Could someone give me a quick example? thx, ply

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You would have to write it to the javascript code from the ASP:


// This is javascript running on the server side
// even though it is enclosed in <script> tags intended
// for the client, this code will be evaluated before
// being written to the client and thus will never be
// run by it.

var a = doSomeComplexCalculationOnTheServer();

Response.Write("var x=" + a + ";\n");


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