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[noob] shaders and video card

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hi guys, i have a question on shader programming... I know nothing about shaders but i would like to start doing some programmation on them with Cg and possibly with FX composer (if programming that would ever require). i also intend to by a portable pc those days but the one i like is sold with and ATI radeon and not an nvidia card. would i be able to use fx composer if my pc has an ati radeon ? does that make any sense to use the nvidia shader editor with that ? also, can i export fx effects from fx composer with Cg format and recompile them on linux with GLSL ? sorry for my english ... and sorry again if my questions seems dumb, i don't know shaders yet but i wouldn't like to make a mistake when i biu my pc if i cannot use fx composer later because of a "wrong" video card. cheers

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