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Shon Gale

Free Water Sounds

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We live in Klamath, California the rain capital of the Northern California Coast. If there is a storm anywhere on the coast it will hit here too. We at ATOMIX Productions would like to share our collection of Audio Samples in the .ogg format. The List is as follows: GustingWind.ogg Ocean.ogg OceanWave.ogg Rain.ogg RainPorch1.ogg RainPorch2.ogg RainSplats.ogg RainThunder.ogg Rumble.ogg SmallWaterfall.ogg Stream.ogg Thunder.ogg ThunderClap.ogg ThunderRain.ogg ThunderRumble1.ogg ThunderRumble2.ogg ThunderRumble3.ogg TreeWind.ogg UnderWater1.ogg UnderWater2.ogg WaterCrashing.ogg WaterFlowing.ogg Wave.ogg WaveRollin.ogg WaveRollinReverse.ogg WaveSplash.ogg Wind.ogg Windy.ogg These are top notch samples and we have shared them all over the world. I am new here and can't find any editing controls. Here is the link copy and paste into your browser. We hope you all enjoy it.

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