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boost::function and std::for_each

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struct call_it { template<typename T> void operator() (T &f) const { f(); } };
for_each(b, e, call_it());

You could also do std::mem_fun with boost::function<void ()>::operator(), maybe.

The algorithms that take functors are designed to apply functors to the elements.

The fact that a container contains a bunch of functors leads one to the false expectation that there should be some nice way to call each functor-element, but this isn't how the STL algorithms are designed.

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typedef std::vector< boost::function<void ()> > ContainerType;

ContainerType container;

std::for_each(container.begin(), container.end(), boost::bind(&ContainerType::value_type::operator(), _1));

Edited a few times because I'm an idiot.

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