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Hash Animation Master

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Is there any Hash Animation Master users? I''m considering to buy one, but because there is not trial version available I''d like to have some comments about it. I''v read that it''s creat for modelling creatures and object. True? It seems not to be polygon based modeller, instead it uses patches, splines and curves? But I should be able to export models to polygon base file format for games. Is there possibilities to do this? I read that the program includes Game and Exporter SDK. Sounds creat! What can I actually do with the SDK? Any comments are welcome!

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I just purchased AM a few weeks ago.

If you haven''t found it yet, you may want to check out http://www.hash.com/users/jsherwood/tutes/tutorials.html I believe there is also a forum for AM and the tech support is very good at answering questions.

It does have an export to .3ds and .x files.

The program comes with a 600+ page book and the above link has plenty of tutorials in addition.

There''s some beautiful creations that can be made with this software. Once I get the hang of it, I think I''m really going to like it.

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I have a friend who uses it and she''s very good. Just seeing what''s came out of it, I''d recommend it

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Guest Anonymous Poster
I have a dozen 3d applications. I bought HASH AM long ago and have upgraded it many times. It''s strong points are...

1. Cross-platform
2. Good at modeling characters
3. Re-useable poses and animation frames for your characters
4. An active mailing list
5. A good 3rd party book
6. Small file size for models... and very clean models

That said, HASH tends to release many pacthes/updates which can be good and bad. The program has always suffered from various bugs. Some of them can be a pain. Some get fixed in the next release. The program can do things that much higher-end programs can do. I would GET a demo of this program before buying it to see if it is for you.

Before you do, try Amapi (amapi.idevgames.com) Although it is an older version, you can do some nice modeling with it. And it is free. Also Strata has a great free 3d app. Both Amapi and Strata have commercial versions to upgrade to once you learn the free versions.

As for Hash''s Game SDK, I haven''t studied it too much.

Another suggestion is to join the mailing list for awhile and see what people are talking/complaining about before you buy.

Last tip. Cinema 4D also has an under $200 version which is nice.

Good luck.

Carlos Camacho
Macintosh Game Development

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