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Need help with a treeview in VB

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Heya, I know this might be a little bit off subject, but does anyone know how I can do a "buddy list" in VisualBasic? I have the following code, and the treeview is in "frm_buddys.list", if at any chance someone could help me, give me a _good_ clue, maybe write to put together the list, I would be _very_ happy, here is the code that gets when the buddy is off/on line, I want to have 2 plus box thingys, "offline" and "online": ''This gets if person is online If InStr(Data, "608") Then OnLineNick = GetWord(Data, 4) End If ''this gets if person is offline If InStr(Data, "609") Then OffLineNick = GetWord(Data, 4) End If

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