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Need help with the fbx sdk

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Hey guys, I'm new to using the fbx sdk. I need some help understanding how to associate vertex weights with their respective bones. (I believe I understood the implementation of ComputeClusterDeformation(...), found in the ViewScene project which came with the sdk docs.), which I will describe to the best of my knowledge in case I'm not understanding something. From what I understand, an animated model has the following hierarchy when stored in the fbx file format: Mesh->Skin->Cluster->Weights. To compute a vertex position of the skin, you obtain the vertex transformations indirectly, and by indirectly I mean that it's obtained through a single call to: GetTransfromAssociateModelMatrix(). (Please correct me on this if I'm wrong... I'm going by function names, because it's all the docs really seem to offer, short of parameter descriptions) Now that's fine and all... it's nice to be able to get the concatenated transforms for the entire cluster, but I already have an animation system in place, that I would like to keep using. What I need, is a way to extract the following data: Skeleton hierarchy: {parent joint, relative position, relative orientation} Check. Vertex information: { texcoords{u, v}, [weight0idx, weight1idx, .. weightNidx] } Not yet, but will fall out of getting weight information. Weight information: { ASSOCIATED JOINT INDEX, bias, relative position(x, y, z, w) } Possible? As I described above, I don't know how to get "ASSOCIATED JOINT INDEX" from the fbx cluster, nor the position of the weight, relative to the joint that it is attached to. (I realize that I would have to figure out the index on my own, but even a way to obtain the name of the joint, which the weight is associated with would be all I need.) How do I link a weight to a bone? Thanks for any insight you guys my have.

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