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For Beginner Mappers/Level Designers

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Hi, I'm The_Colonel, I have been a Level Designer for a dozen projects over the last few years, and here are some tips to think about when beginning as a Level Designer. 1. Try trying out different Design programs, so when you get a position on a team you will know what your doing. Since most of the programs are similar. The ones with a major difference is of course is the differnce between the 2D and 3D programs. 2. Find a team that suits you. Make sure that the game that they are creating is a genre you find interesting, because if you get along with people and are interested in the game the higher quality your work will be, and the more enjoyment you will get out of it. 3. When finding a team, observe them to make sure that they have a decent management. I personally have worked for teams that have horrible management and that a month after conseption it dies a horrible death. 4. Finally follow through with the project, unless you do not like the people you are working with. You want to stay untill the end so you can reap the rewards. Who knows you may be asked to join the next project the company is making, maybe even a higher position. I hope these tips have helped any new level designers, if you have any questions or if you want me to post more, just reply to this post.

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Well unfortunatly, most of the level designers I've worked with in the past weren't very good people. So I don't want to honor any of them, they basicly dumped all the work on me and they took most of the credit. And when I made a stink about about I got fired. So yeah...

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Ok, well I've been a level designer for both Mod Teams and Game Design Companies.

Undernethe Team - by Cerberus Studios, was once an Oblivion Mod Team, but is now a gaming team.

Safe Havens - by Cerberus Studios, an Oblivion Mod Team.

Split Conspiracies - by Cerberus Studios, an Oblivion Mod Team.

Marenon - by Cerberus Studios, an Oblivion Mod Team.

Quest Forge - an Oblivion Mod Team.

Iron Empire - by Iron Cross Studios, a Game Developement Team.

Shadowed Revolutions - by Embar Studios, a Game Developement Team.

Silgrad Tower - by Silgrad Tower Team, an Oblivion Conversion Team.

Eye of the Storm - by Wasteland Studios, a Game Developement Team (No longer Exists).

Currently I work for Legend of Mazzeroth by New Age Software.
On another note, I was also Site Manager for the TES Files for Filefront, curently I'm a Senior manager there.

Does that answer your question? :)

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