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Beginner question. Please HELP

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Hi, im very new to programming so please have patience. im using visual c++ express and i want to create a simple "hello world" application. What should i do to create this project? NOT the coding itself, but what kind of project to open? Because when i hit the play button it asks me to debug and its out of date. and when i tell it to it cant find it. so essentially i cant run my simple noob program. Please Help!!! thanx

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my code is as follows in a class library project:

#include <iostream>
int main()
using namespace std;
cout << "Blah";
cout << endl;
cout <<"shush" << endl;
return 0;

//please help quickly i cant run it It says project out of date and regsvr32.exe has problem!

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You want a C++ Console Application from the Win32 group. Class Libary is in the CLR group.

You want to go all the way through the wizard, pressing Next, and make sure "Empty Project" is selected, then when you start, add a main.cpp or whatever to the Source folder in your project explorer.

If you don't want to work with UNICODE, you want to turn off UNICODE in the project settings, or you may still get lots of weird errors. Project->Properties->General->Character Set, change to Not Set.


[EDIT] Stelimar - that tutorial is for VC6. Express is 2005 or higher.

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