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putting files and textures in .paks or something?

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Many games put their assetts in seperate folders with containers like .pak or .bak. I think it's called serialization or something similar? Can anyone point me in the right direction and recommend a good LGPL or similarly licensed libraries I could use to do something similar? Also how does it work? For example if I want to access a texture in a specific directory I just put in "../media/texture.bmp" or something like that, but if media has a .bak file which has the texture stored inside it would it mean I need to access it through a class? Or would I have to extract it during the loading time and place it in a temp directory then delete it once the game closed down? Sorry I don't know much about this topic so my questions might seem dumb.

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Usually you write some kind of virtual file system that you initialize with those *pak files in the beginning


Now when you load a file

Buffer buf;
it will first lookup the central directories of the archive files in the determined order
either last->first or vise verse (regarding the addPack order), last->first has the advantage of file versioning usefull for overwriting files with modified ones.

if the given file doesn t exist in the *.pkg files you provided it will look it up on the harddrive.

e.g pwd /somedir/filename.lol where pwd is your current working directory

I would advice you to get the .zip file format specification and write a loader for it. Its pretty simple and can be done within 1-2 hours and is a good learning experience if you have never done this before.

Some restriction on the file format:
- use only uncompressed files
- do not use password protection

Just to make life easier :)

Hope that helps.

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