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Flickering triangle

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Looks like a far clip issue. What are you setting near and far clip planes to, and z-buffer accuracy?
Also, what sort of geometry is your background constructed from? The above presumes there's some sort of skybox/dome.

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It could be that you specify a small vertex scope when you draw your triangles.

I don't know OpenGl, but in D3D the problem could be in

INT BaseVertexIndex,
UINT MinIndex,
->UINT NumVertices,
UINT StartIndex,
UINT PrimitiveCount

Have your tried switching between debug/release on your application?

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60, // Field of view = 60 degrees
static_cast<double>(WinYSize), // Window aspect (assumes square pixels)
0, // Near Z clipping plane
1000 // Far Z clippling plane


Did I forget something?

There's no difference between Debug/Release
This doesn't happen with the Direct3D implementation of my Engine

Edit: Hm - Just checked my Mesh exporting plugin - it didn't export normals properly. Though I don't see any connnection to a flickering triangle...

[Edited by - AzraelilMeraz on October 10, 2008 3:37:12 PM]

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Eek! That near clip essentially asks your z-buffer to be accurate over an infinite amount of possibilities (up to 1km at least).
For best results use a near clip of 1.0, and if you want to get the camera right up close then 0.1 is fair (together with your 1000.0 far clip).

edit: so correcting your exported normals have solved this? I guess you are culling back faces and the normal was pointing sideways to the camera (making front face visibility borderline).

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