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I wan't to start making games. I am almost finished with my c++ book and would like to know what should be my next step? I wan't to know how to not only program my games, but also do graphics and networking (for online play). My next question is once I eventually make it to 3D games how long does it take to make a decent 3D game?

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Hi read my post I just recently started: it's about a very similar topic.

Anyway, onto yr question. If you've never made games before, you might try C++ with the SDL library. It is very easy to use. Just google Lazy Foo tutorials and you will be educated. He posts on here too.

Also, SDL can be used with OpenGL. That is what I was asking about in my post.

But, if you've never made a game before, I suggest you learn what a game loop is and make a simple 2D game with SDL, for example (or allegro). Make a platformer or something... a Mario clone.... Then onto 3D!

Also, for 3D stuff maths are more complicated, but if you have a rigorous education in mathematics it should be no sweat.

EDIT: looks like you double posted, OP. So try to delete the other one.
Another thing: Here is good site for game dev tools. It was started by a poster from here too. It'll give you some ideas....

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