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glMultiTexCoord2f question

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Set texture coordinate pointer as usual, but set them per client-side texture unit.

glTexCoordPointer(texture 0 coordinate array);
glTexCoordPointer(texture 1 coordinate array);

... and so on.

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Ahh great thanks ever so much.

Would you also happen to know how to check whether they are even available? (eventhough they should be because it's ancient).

I use GLEE and I can't seem to find a GLEE_ARB_MULTITEXect or something.

Edit: GLEE_ARB_multitexture is there, but isn't that just for passing multiple textures to your shader? Or is it also for multiple texture coordinates?

Edit: Now I wonder, is there a point of multiple texture coordinates if you only have 1 texture...

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