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glutjoystickfunc ?

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I my glutjoystickfunc doesnt seem to work how i want it only performs an action if a button or direction is hit and not held any ideas? i want the button to act as an accelerator so that when i hold it down the car continues to run forward but at the moment when i push it the car moves forward one space and for me to get it to continue to move forward i have to keep pushing the button repeatidly.

//does work if called with the keyboard function
void updateMatrix(char direction)
     if (direction == 'a') 
	heading = heading + 2;

//joystick function
void joystick(unsigned int buttons, int xaxis, int yaxis, int zaxis)
	char direction[7];

	if (xaxis < 0) direction[0] = 'a';

	if (xaxis > 0) direction[0] = 'd';

	if (buttons&0x0001) direction[2] = 's';
	if (buttons&0x0002) direction[2] = 'w';


//In main game loop

any ideas?

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